Your goals

Your goal is to start doing sports, but this has never been a priority in the past. To do so in a medically responsible way, we would like to first guide you on healthy exercise. Afterwards, you can make the transition to sports.

What do we do?

After the intake with the physician, we perform a basic fitness test. In this way, we map out your current level and provide the physician with the necessary information to create a customised exercise recommendation.

We screen you for possible injuries that you may incur at the start of the exercise programme. To avoid these injuries, you will be given preventive exercises to perform at home or under supervision. A follow-up is always included in the package.

Start to move package

  • Intake with a sports medicine physician (possibly, along with a blood draw)
  • Basis fitness test
  • Basic injury prevention
  • Follow up consultation


This package costs €275.00 and is about 180 minutes long (spread over different sessions). Please see an overview below:

Reimbursement through the health insurance fund
Customary allowance

Reimbursement through the health insurance fund
Increased reimbursement

Intake with a sports medicine physician€22.7825.78 euro
Basic stress test
Follow-up consultation22.78 euro25.78 euro
Basic injury prevention
Diet consultationDepending on your health insurance.Depending on your health insurance.

Blood test (optional)
Price: 23.48 euro

Some health insurance funds will reimburse a preventive sports medical examination. Ask about it and bring the necessary documents to the consultation.

Centres and specialist areas

Sports Medicine Centre

Latest publication date: 05/02/2021