Sports Medicine Centre

Sports Medicine Centre

The Sports Medicine Centre at Maria Middelares General Hospital firmly believes that each individual has the strength to feel better. We want to support people in discovering this strength.

Our services are aimed at people who want to start exercising as well as experienced athletes.

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Our advantages

  • Aim for a healthy lifestyle
  • Under personal supervision
  • In a multidisciplinary setting

The Sports Medicine Centre is there for everybody

The objective of our Sports Medicine Centre? Motivate people to be healthier, according to
their own potential and objectives, in a medically sound manner.

We have the infrastructure and extensive knowledge and experience. Additionally, our multidisciplinary approach guarantees a holistic approach and follow-up. According to the patient’s needs, we will allocate a physician, dietitian, physical therapist, podiatrist or another discipline. People can self-refer or contact us on the advice of their physician. The centre is open for everybody.

The Sports Medicine Centre is there for everybody

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