What is it?

Individual orthopaedic rehabilitation session

After your orthopaedic procedure (prosthesis, rotator cuff fracture, etcetera), our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department is here to help. With a physician’s prescription, you can make an appointment through the secretariat from the day of your discharge. Our department will help you to improve your functionality.

Twice a week, you will visit the Rehabilitation Centre for rehabilitation with your physiotherapist and occupational therapist. We work in groups and on an individual basis. We take account of individual needs, specific activities and the objectives of each patient. Through a combination of manual therapy and targeted exercise therapy, we aim to achieve a swift and full recovery. It is stimulating to work in a group, and it allows one to exchange experiences with peers.

We can work towards the objectives gradually by using several pieces of exercise equipment. These include the MOTOmed (seated bicycle with pedalling support), the indoor trainer or spin cycle, alterG and the treadmill. The alterG is a specific treadmill where body weight can be reduced to 80%, thus reducing the load on the joints. This way, the body can be subjected to a functional load without pain, which contributes to improved mobility, increased strength and the acquisition of a natural gait (natural way of walking).

How do I register?

You can register by contacting the secretariat of the Rehabilitation Centre by telephone:

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Latest publication date: 05/02/2021
Supervising author: Dr Desmyter Stefan