What is it?

Immunotherapy treatments are based on the premise that the immune system is a key player in the destruction of malignant cancer cells and that these cancer cells try to elude the immune system. Immunotherapy is different than chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

The goal of immunotherapy is to:

  • help the immune system recognise cancer as an intruder
  • stimulate one's own immune system so that it destroys cancer cells
  • keep the cancer cells from deactivating the immune system.

Possible side effects

The most important side effects of immunotherapy are auto-immune reactions in the intestine, skin, hypophysis, liver, lungs and/or pancreas.

Centres and specialist areas

Breast Centre
Integrated Cancer Centre in Ghent

Latest publication date: 11/01/2022
Supervising author: Dr Elzo Kraemer Ximena