Your goals

You would like to go through life healthier and without physical complaints. Our physician will go through your completed questionnaire together with you and take a 'picture' of your current state of health based on your goals.

What do we do?

Through a blood sample, clinical tests, biomechanical screening and dietary consultation, the doctor gets an initial picture, which makes it possible to formulate a personal recommendation. This is the first step in the right direction. Together with the doctor, you discuss the possible follow-up and actions to be taken in order to reach your goal.

Your follow-up appointments will be scheduled after the first screening.

Healthy lifestyle package

  • Intake with a sports medicine (along with a blood draw)
  • Basic injury prevention
  • Diet consultation
  • Follow-up consultation


This package costs €260.00 and lasts about 150 minutes (spread over different sessions). Please see an overview below:

Reimbursement by the health insurance fund

Customary allowance

Reimbursement by the health insurance fund

Increased allowance

Intake with a sports doctor€22.7825.78 euro
Basic stress test
Follow-up consultation22.78 euro25.78 euro
Basic injury prevention
Diet consultation
Depending on your health insurance.Depending on your health insurance.
Blood test (optional)

Price: €23.48

Some health insurance funds will reimburse a preventive sports medical examination. Ask about it and bring the necessary documents to the consultation.

Centres and specialist areas

Sports Medicine Centre

Latest publication date: 05/02/2021