Assuming the correct posture when lying down is necessary to relieve the spinal column and to give our backs a chance to recover from the daily strain. Correct posture allows the intervertebral discs to regain their elasticity and absorb moisture. We try to maintain the natural curvature of the back as much as possible.

Lying comfortably:

  • Everybody needs a good mattress with the right density (the heavier the person, the harder the mattress) that provides sufficient support for the natural curves of the body.
  • Choose two separate mattresses for a double bed.
  • Make sure you have a good pillow that fills the neck lordosis.
  • Replace your mattress every ten years.

In and out of bed to lying on your back

Lying on your side

Lying on your stomach

This position is discouraged because it results in too much twisting of the neck and too much curvature in the lower back, making it difficult to relax the back. If it is unavoidable, place a pillow under the stomach and pelvis and rest on the chin.

Reading while lying down

Latest publication date: 05/02/2021