What is it?

This method allows for the examination of the five-metre-long small intestine in a pain-free method and without radiation.

For this, you will be asked to swallow a small capsule with a built-in miniature video camera. While the capsule makes its way through the small intestine, data are continually transmitted to an external recorder which you carry with you on the day of the test. Eventually, the endoscopic images can be displayed on screen and checked by the physician afterwards. The examination is very safe and is usually well tolerated.


  • You will have fasted (no eating or drinking for 12 hours) on the day of the test; eat a liquid meal only the evening before.
  • Please register with your identity card at the e-kiosk in the atrium. The Digestive Centre is located on the level, gate F2b. Before taking place in the waiting room, first check in at the secretariat of the Digestive Centre.
  • You will receive a belt that contains the sensors that transmit the images to the recorder.
  • Then, you will be asked to swallow the capsule like a pill, with water.
  • The total registration time is approximately eight hours.
  • Once everything is connected, you may go home.
  • Please come back to the outpatients clinic around 5pm to disconnect the equipment.


The procedure is very well tolerated. A possible complication is impact or crushing of the capsule in an already existing, abnormal constriction of a bowel segment. If this were to occur, surgery may be necessary, naturally in combination with the diseased and strongly constricted bowel segment.

If the capsule has not been eliminated in your stools after 14 days, please contact your attending physician.

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Latest publication date: 17/01/2022
Supervising author: Dr Vanderstraeten Erik