What is it?

Your attending physician has requested a breast MRI. This is because they want more clarity on an image or lesion that was seen on a mammography or ultrasound. Other possible reasons for this procedure are a post-operative check-up or familial predisposition.

The radiologist uses an MR machine to produce strong magnetic and radio waves. This allows the soft tissue of the body to be visualised and examined. The procedure is safe and pain-free.

Before the procedure

Be sure to let the nurse know if:

  • you are pregnant (or suspect you may be) In that case, the procedure cannot be performed.
  • if there are metal objects in your body (e.g. pacemaker, metal shards, vessel clips, etcetera)
  • if you have had a recent operation on your head, heart or blood vessels
  • if you suffer from claustrophobia or are afraid of tight spaces

Did you know that mascara sometimes contains iron particles? For this reason, it is better to not wear mascara on the day of the test.

  • Do not bring any metal or magnetic objects (e.g. loose change, keys, mobile phone, bank card, hearing aids, etcetera) into the MRI scan room.
  • Keep underwear and a T-shirt on (no bra or trousers with a zipper, etcetera).
  • Do not wear jewellery, piercings, glasses, hair pins, etcetera.
  • You may eat and drink normally before the test and you make take your regular medications.

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Latest publication date: 05/02/2021
Supervising author: Dr Schoofs Christophe