What is it?

After an abnormal pap smear, your physician may decide to take a small sample of the cervical tissue.

When is it indicated?

Abnormalities may be observed during a colonoscopy.

Test procedure

During the procedure

The biopsy is painless in most cases, but it is sometimes accompanied by mild cramping and some blood loss. The examination does not take longer than five to ten minutes.

After the procedure

You may have some brownish or slightly bloody vaginal discharge for a few days.


The results will be available after approximately one week. Schedule an appointment with your physician in order to receive these results and to see about the next steps.

Guidelines for at home

It is best to not have sexual intercourse with your partner for one week.

Centres and specialist areas

General gynaecology

Latest publication date: 05/02/2021
Supervising author: Dr Van Den Broecke Dirk