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Analgaesic local-regional block

An analgesic local regional block is a type of pain relief applied locally, i.e. directly to the painful area.

It is usually combined with general anaesthesia. This is often done in combination with a general anaesthetic. The advantage of this is that less severe pain medication is needed after the surgery. You may experience reduced sensation at the site of pain relief; this can last up to five days.

This type of anaesthesia is often used for:

  • Major surgery on the foot or lower leg

The anaesthetic is then injected at the nerve bundle above the knee. This block ensures that you have excellent pain relief during the first couple hours after the surgery.

  • Surgeries on the shoulder:

For painful surgeries on the shoulder, a nerve block is also often combined with a general anaesthetic. Anaesthesia is then administered at the neck prior to the surgery.

Latest publication date: 16/05/2024