Tests and treatments

Analgaesic local-regional block

An analgaesic local-regional block, which provides extra comfort through local pain relief, is usually combined with general anaesthesia. As a result, the administration of strong pain medication in the recovery room may be avoided. Reduced sensation, which can arise after injecting local pain medication, may persist for up to five days.

This type of anaesthesia is often used for:

  • Extensive foot/lower leg surgery

The nerve block works by injecting local anaesthesia around the nerve bundle just above the back of the knee. This block ensures that you have excellent pain relief during the first couple hours after the surgery.

  • Shoulder Surgery

Certain shoulder procedures (replacement, keyhole surgery, etc.) can be painful. For this reason, a shoulder nerve block will usually be combined with general anaesthesia. This anaesthesia will be administered at the level of the neck before the procedure.

Latest publication date: 12/01/2024