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Anaesthetic local-regional block

A local regional anaesthetic block is a type of anaesthesia that numbs the entire surgical area. The body part on which the surgery is performed is temporarily ‘paralysed’, meaning that you no longer have any feeling or strength in that area.

This type of anaesthesia is often used for:

Surgeries on the hand or arm:
the nerves in the forearm (e.g. for carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger) or the armpit (for more extensive operations) are numbed. Depending on the post-operative pain, short or long-acting anaesthesia will be chosen so that the patient feels as comfortable as possible after the operation. As these are often minor procedures, no general anaesthesia is needed. This means the patient can resume eating and drinking faster. Moreover, the patient can usually leave the hospital more quickly.

Latest publication date: 16/05/2024