Tests and treatments

Anaesthetic local-regional block

An anaesthetic local-regional block numbs the entire surgical area. The extremity will be temporarily ‘paralysed’ and will lose feeling and strength in the numbed region.

This type of anaesthesia is often used for:

  • Hand/arm surgery

The nerves will be numbed in the forearm (e.g. for carpal tunnel or trigger finger) or in the armpit (for more extensive procedures). Depending on the anticipated post-operative pain, short or long-acting anaesthesia will be chosen so that the patient feels as comfortable as possible after the procedure. Since these procedures are usually performed rather quickly, general anaesthesia is not necessary. The patient does not have to wait as long afterwards to eat and drink. An additional benefit is that the patient may also be discharged from the hospital sooner.

Latest publication date: 12/01/2024