If you have been referred by a physician for a specific examination or if one of the predefined sports medical routes does not meet your goals, you can always contact us for an intake interview with the physician.

Together with you, the physician will work out an appropriate course of action/testing.


PriceReimbursement through the health insurance fund
Customary allowance
Reimbursement through the health insurance fund
Increased reimbursement
Intake with a sports doctor€60.00€22.78€25.78
Follow-up consultation€45.00€22.78€25.78
Full injury prevention screening€120.00
Basic injury prevention€75.00
Diet consultation
60 minutes
€47.50Depending on your health insuranceDepending on your health insurance
Diet consultation follow up

30 minutes


Depending on your health insurance

Depending on your health insurance
Podology intake

90 minutes


Some health insurance funds will reimburse a preventive sports examination. Ask about it and bring the necessary documents to the consultation.

Centres and specialist areas

Centres and specialist areas
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Latest publication date: 18/01/2023