Psychiatric Department (PAAZ)

Psychiatric Department (PAAZ)

At the Psychiatric Department of the General Hospital, adults with psychiatric problems can access low-threshold care in an open setting.

Through conversations, individual activities and group activities with the patient and the family, we try to develop a comprehensive understanding of his/her problems in order to arrive at a broader treatment outlook.

Our advantages

  • low-threshold care in an open setting
  • specialised support in crises
  • outpatient aftercare

What do we do?

Our Psychiatric Department diagnoses and treats various pathologies, such as anxiety and mood disorders, addiction problems (alcohol and medication), acute psychosis, psychosomatic problems, relational and individual crises, etc.

We offer e.g. individual psychotherapy and psychodiagnostics, psychoeducation, creative occupational therapy, exercise and relaxation therapy, medical psychiatric and biological treatment.

Admissions tend to be short (up to three weeks) and mainly to support patients in crisis and to develop an ongoing therapeutic approach. Outpatient aftercare is provided too.

What do we do?

What is our vision?

Read the Psychiatric Department vision text in the leaflet below.

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