The geriatrics services of St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze and Maria Middelares General Hospital form one entity. Geriatricians Dr Mathias Demuynck or Dr Joke De Mey visit all patients in the geriatrics department at St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze on a daily basis. During leave periods and on-call periods, fellow geriatricians at Maria Middelares General Hospital provide support: Dr Patrick Desimpelaere, Dr Kathleen De Wilde, Dr Céline Bultynck, Dr Nathalie Gillard and Dr Gaelle Moerman.

Our team consists of geriatricians, supported by a multidisciplinary, geriatricteam. This includes nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, psychologists, and social workers.

Head nurses

Social Services

Nursing ward D601: Jelke Van Isacker
Care Ward D602: Valérie Geerinck
Care Ward D603 (room 1 to room 11, bed 1): Sarah De Laender
Care Ward D603 (room 11 to room 20, bed 2): Lies De Temmerman

Katrien Lavent

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