Diagnosis and treatment

Dermatologists examine all lesions very thoroughly. Depending on the condition, additional examinations such as scaling analysis, blood test, skin biopsy (examinations on a removed part of the skin) will follow. Dermoscopic inspection allows for the structure of the skin to be examined in greater detail. Based on the clinical picture and these results, dermatologists will make a diagnosis which they will discuss with you.

A selection from our offer

A selection from our offer
  • With eczema it is sometimes necessary to perform specific tests. In case of an allergy, we provide practical information and a list of products to avoid.
  • In case of a changing lesion, we perform a dermoscopy in addition to a detailed inspection. If necessary, we cut away the lesion or perform a laser treatment at Maria Middelares General Hospital.
  • Acne can be very bothersome and can require treatment. The dermatologists tackle this together with a team of nurses. During the consultation, a skin-care professional is also available to the patients to correctly remove the blackheads.
  • Psoriasis and vitiligo are very common skin conditions. These skin diseases are usually clearly visible. If appropriate, we can offer a UVB/PUVA (light) therapy in addition to a local treatment in our hospital (or a general therapy with medication).
  • An annoying ingrown nail can be remedied in a fairly simple way by means of a special technique. That is why we have special expertise in our team.
  • For the treatment of skin cancer, dermatologists regularly take part in multidisciplinary oncology (MOC) meetings at the hospital, where they can consult with other disciplines.