Conditions and diseases


Symptoms and causes

Symptoms and causes

Symptoms range from mild to severe respiratory conditions with fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. Elderly people and people with existing chronic conditions appear to be more likely to have serious symptoms.

Tips to reduce the risk of infection

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment

I have COVID-19 symptoms. Where can I go to get tested?

Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms can be tested.

On weekdays:

If you have symptoms, stay at home (even if they are not severe) and get in touch with your GP. If your GP thinks you may have COVID-19, she or he will carry out a test or refer you to a triage centre in the neighbourhood. The test will be taken to the responsible laboratory on the same day. You should then stay at home in quarantine and wait for the test results.

At the weekend or on public holidays:

Call the special number 1733. You will be connected to the nearest monitoring unit on the basis of your postcode. People with symptoms will be assessed by telephone and given an appointment in a monitoring unit or triage centre.

Things to think about:

  • The monitoring units cannot pass on advice or test results to patients. Contact your own GP or consult the Cozo website.
  • You cannot enter the monitoring unit without an appointment. You can schedule an appointment at any time by calling 1733.

You will find more information about testing for COVID-19 on the FOD Volksgezondheid and Sciensano websites.
You will find more information about GP monitoring units in Ghent here.

If a PCR test is required, the reception department staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Schedule your appointment on the website for the Kasteel Pharmacy. Schedule your test in a timely fashion. We recommend scheduling it for 48 hours before your departure.

When testing for an international travel departure, you will receive an English-language attestation by e-mail.

Useful links

More info and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the FPS Health website.

There is a lot of fake news in circulation about the coronavirus. These myths are disproved on the health and science website Gezondheid en Wetenschap.

Latest publication date: 10/01/2024