Successful upper limb therapy with ReoGo robot arm

What Is ReoGoTM?

It is a combination of a fully motorised robot arm and advanced software which provides personalised exercises and games. It is a very effective robot system for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs. The ReoGoTM trains both functionality and repetitive movement. It offers up to ten times more repetitions per session than average non-robot therapy, improving healing and therapy outcomes. Occupational therapists can use a variety of levels to deliver therapy that meets the needs of the patient. The robot and the associated games ensure an additional incentive that motivates patients to complete the rehabilitation successfully.

In addition to general care, Maria Middelares General Hospital also uses innovative technologies to optimise its patient care. The rehabilitation department has recently started using a robot arm for upper limb therapy.

‘Maria Middelares General Hospital has a large Neurology Department. This means that we have high demand for neurological rehabilitation’, explains Dr Barbara Vlieghe, rehabilitation physician at Maria Middelares General Hospital. ‘We noticed that we were unable to help patients with serious paresis (partial paralysis) or plegia (full paralysis) of the arm adequately. We therefore searched for innovative rehabilitation solutions for these patients.’

The team at Maria Middelares General Hospital conducted a comparative study and tested different robots. ‘The game concept of the ReoGoTM ensures that patients are more motivated to successfully complete their rehabilitation therapy’, says Dr Barbara Vlieghe. There has been a lot of positive feedback from patients and therapists. In future, the target audience will therefore be extended to include patients undergoing rehabilitation after a shoulder operation.

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