Maria Middelares General Hospital uses massage therapy on oncology patients

Maria Middelares General Hospital uses massage therapy on oncology patients

Oncology patients are entitled to three free massage therapy sessions per year at Maria Middelares General Hospital. The sessions are conducted in a separate massage room by trained volunteers of the non-profit organisation for massage therapy. These volunteers help patients relax while going through a difficult time.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy involves gentle, safe massage that is suitable for people with health issues. It is given by recognised massage therapists who have completed and obtained a certificate for an extensive specialist course. Massage therapy can be used as an additional health therapy during treatment, recovery or in a palliative setting.

Why have a care massage?

Many people experience stress when going through a difficult time, which affects their physical condition. Relaxation of the body releases these stress mechanisms. Massage therapy increases the patient’s quality of life and has various health benefits: improved sleeping, less fatigue, less nausea, etcetera.

The massage

During massage therapy, the focus is always on the person rather than the disease. The patients choose themselves which parts of the body they want massaged. Some people opt solely for a hand or head massage. Others prefer to lie on the massage table for a back or leg massage. The massage therapist is always discrete and professional, and he or she creates a pleasant atmosphere.