Maria Middelares General Hospital offers future parents a virtual reality tour

Are you expecting a baby? Take look at our virtual hospital
Are you expecting a baby? Take look at our virtual hospital

Virtual reality with 360° experience

Experience the full virtual tour using Google cardboard glasses: visitors can enter and see spaces in 360° surround images, as well as walk from one space to another using visual navigation buttons.
No cardboard glasses available? No problem! You can also take the virtual tour using your PC, smartphone, or iPad.

What do you get to see?

This tour starts with admission to the emergency room and takes the visitor through the hospital. The visitor is then led to the Delivery Unit, where you can see several of the labour rooms (standard labour rooms, labour rooms with a relaxation bathtub, labour rooms with a birth bathtub) and the caesarean section operating room. You will also be able to virtually visit the rooms in the Maternity Unit (individual rooms, double rooms, deluxe individual rooms) and the Neonatology Department. The tour concludes in the central welcome hall (the Atrium), with the restaurant, home-care shop, gift shop and resting area. The virtual tour is narrated and comes complete with explanations provided by several physicians and other staff members. Additional information is available in the form of pop-ups.

Future parents can take advantage of this unique way of getting a modern, fresh glimpse into what a stay at Maria Middelares General Hospital will be like.