Maria Middelares General Hospital explores (sustainable) mobility options

From now on, patients with an appointment at Maria Middelares General Hospital will be e-mailed directions for a (sustainable) route to the hospital. This route includes an overview for various transportation options on how to get to and from the hospital: ‘The intention is to give practical support and to motivate them to consider alternative modes of transportation wherever possible,’ says general director Christophe Mouton.

Roughly 1,500 patients come to the Maria Middelares General Hospital every day. Many of them drive, sometimes because there is no other option, sometimes out of habit. In order to get this latter group to start thinking about options other than their own car, the hospital is introducing MediMobi, a solution created by the Ghent-based company CuraeVia.

Any patient who has an appointment on the main campus will now receive a list of transportation options, including estimated travel time and cost. Sustainable options (public transport and cycling) are at the very top. The public transport route is explained in detail. Patients can also watch a short, clear video on the bicycle route to the hospital campus.

Safe integration

The application complies with the latest international standard for data exchange in health care, Fast Health care Interoperability Resources (FHIR). This allows for integration with the appointment scheduling system. Directions describing the route will then be sent along with the appointment confirmation and reminder e-mail. This means that patients do not have to look up all the information themselves, making these routes easier and more likely to be used.

Test project

Maria Middelares General Hospital starts with MediMobi at its main site. If it goes well, it will be implemented later on at the medical centres in Ghent-Bruges and Aalter.

‘We’re taking part in the latest tendencies by using this tool. A recent survey by the FPS Mobility found that as many as 4 in 10 Belgians expect to be able to move more sustainably with the help of smart mobility apps. Maria Middelares General Hospital wants to be a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility, for the benefit of patients, employees and the environment.’

Christophe Mouton
Also check out the mobility videos that show how to get to the hospital entrance by bicycle or public transportation.