Jury and the Public award the Inspire Health & Care Award 'Care Team of the Year) to the Nursing Ward D601

The health care sector has really given the heart and soul since the start of the corona pandemic. Throughout the entire corona crisis, the nursing ward D601 showed its commitment as a ward for patients with COVID-19. This commitment was honoured on 27 April with the jury and public prize awarded by the Inspire Health & Care Award 'Care Team', for exceptional teams working in the health care sector.

‘A justifiable award of exceptional flexibility, drive and perseverance’, praises Managing Director Christophe Mouton. ‘The switch made from Geriatrics Ward to COVID-19 ward was not one that could be done automatically. They gave the best of themselves for more than two years, for every COVID-19 patient. We’re extremely proud of the recognition for the department, also as an ambassador for the hospital and a symbol of the commitment of each of our more than 2,000 employees - and by extension, all health care professionals. The double award demonstrates that the unflagging commitment in living out our slogan “Compassionate Care,” even in particularly challenging circumstances, does not go unnoticed.’

"Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, more than 750 COVID patients were able to count on the team at D601, day and night. The conditions were both physically and emotionally demanding’, adds nursing and paramedic director Jan Blontrock. ‘Even so, the necessary time was allotted for each patient. Humanity was provided for people who were hardly allowed visitors. The flexibility, sustained effort and perseverance of the entire team as led by head nurse Anuschka Van Meirhaeghe is undeniably exceptional.’

In appreciation of the team and, by extension, all colleagues, the hospital treated each employee to an ice cream.