GPs can make seamless digital referrals to our hospital using the eForm

The eForm 'Maria Middelares Referral Letter' found within the GP package facilitates digital patient referrals to Maria Middelares General Hospital. This saves time and paper, but it also ensures better continuity of care. Maria Middelares General Hospital collaborated with the other Ghent hospitals and GP Association Ghent for this purpose.

An eForm is an electronic letter template compiled according to the hospital's needs and expectations. The form largely completes itself, automatically selecting data in the patient's medical profile from the GP's patient record. As a GP, all you need to add is the reason for the referral and the specific question.

This digital form, which is sent securely, complies with the privacy regulations. The eForm arrives as a PDF in the hospital's eHealth box. The department in question will receive a notification. If the referred patient is already registered with the hospital, the letter will automatically end up in his hospital record. This means patients no longer have to bring a referral letter with them to the hospital. Still, it is a good idea to let your patient know that you have sent an electronic referral letter, to which hospital and to which department. To that end, you can print the completed eForm and give it to the patient as a copy.