First in the EU: surgery using Intuitive Telepresence

A surgery performed on 26 February 2021 using our da Vinci robot made the Maria Middelares General Hospital the first hospital in the EU to use Intuitive Telepresence. With the help of this secure platform, interested professionals can follow the procedure in real time (image and sound) from anywhere in the world. In this way, they are virtually present in the operating room where the surgery is performed. They also see images that are registered by the endoscope in real time.

It is possible for both parties to interact with each other during the procedure. This gives novice, as well as experienced, surgeons a unique opportunity to learn about robot-assisted surgeries. A welcome and efficient alternative for surgery observation, considering the travel restrictions imposed during these times.

For this premier, a cystectomy (surgical bladder removal) was performed and a replacement bladder was placed by Dr Karel Decaestecker at Maria Middelares General Hospital. Dr Clemens Wiesinger of the Wels-Grieskirchen Clinic followed this surgery in real time from Austria.