Dr Daels Claudia


Additional training

  • fertility – IVF


  • Online appointments with Dr Billiet are only for patients who have already started fertility treatment.
    If you are not yet a fertility patient and would like to make an appointment, please call the secretariat (Dr Billiet): +32 (0)9 220 30 88 – Dr Daels: +32 (0)9 336 38 08).
  • Fertility consultations are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

Not covered by agreement with the health insurance fund

In principle, the physician can always charge a supplementary fee for consultations or examinations in the outpatients clinic.


Private Practice

Waiting room: on the 1st floor

Consultation: By appointment

Fertility telephone: +32 9 246 80 80 (only for patients who have already started fertility treatment)

Time monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday
Morning - fertility gyn/ob fertility fertility fertility
Afternoon - gyn/ob - gyn/ob - -

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