Mindful with your baby

Develop more mindful parenting in five sessions.

Mindful with your baby ...

... helps you, as parents, to:

  • develop a better connection with yourself and your baby; strengthening the bond with your baby;
  • increase your parenting resilience;
  • stimulate your empathy for your baby;
  • be more mindful in your parenting.

For whom?

The class series is designed for parents who:

  • want to be more mindful about how they are raising their baby;
  • want to learn to be more patient with their baby;
  • want to get to know their baby better;
  • feel overwhelmed or overloaded by parenthood.

What do we do?

Mindful Parenting is a method that was developed by Professor Susan Bögels. This method helps people to identify, understand and reduce their parenting stress and automatic parental response patterns. The lesson series focuses on education around different themes and performing experiential exercises with your baby.

Your teacher?

This class series will be taught by:

  • Lisa Van Loo, clinical psychologist and perinatal consultant, Maria Middelares General Hospital;
  • Ulrike De Taeye, clinical psychologist and perinatal consultant, Maria Middelares General Hospital.

This series of classes is taught by Hanne Vermeersch (clinical psychologist and mindfulness trainer), Luci Rombaut (clinical psychologist), and a midwife and/or paediatric nurse from our hospital.


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