Parkinson's disease and other conditions with Parkinsonism are common neurological conditions that affect more than 50,000 people in Belgium. The disease can manifest in a variety of ways, such as mobility issues (shaking, muscle stiffness, etcetera), cognitive problems or problems with going to the toilet, sleeping, swallowing, speaking, etcetera.

Experts at Maria Middelares General Hospital are ready to answer the many questions that will arise. A variety of subjects will be discussed in several free information sessions. The information session are held on an annual basis. You can choose for yourself which information session(s) you want to attend. Registration is required.


The target group for these information sessions is patientsand their carersor immediate family.


From 2pm to 4pm. The doors open from 1.30pm.


Maria Middelares General Hospital - Kapittelzaal, Buitenring Sint-Denijs 30, 9000 Ghent

This is not in the hospital building. Follow the signs on our site to the Klooster Building (number 1 on the map below).

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CONTACT or +32 (0)9 246 28 60


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13/01/2023Cognition and communication

Riet De Paermentier, speech therapist
10/02/2023Movement and nursing tips

Silke Cocquyt, physical therapist
Ellen Van Isacker, neurology nurse
10/03/2023Dietary and swallowing issues

Riet De Paermentier, speech therapist
and Josephine Taquet, dietitian
09/06/2023(Daily) life: information about assistive equipment, services, subsidies and tips & tricks

Dévine Sys, occupational therapist
Maaike Verplancke, social worker

What can the Flemish Parkinson's League offer patients and caregivers?

Volunteer Flemish Parkinson's League
15/06/2023Psychological and sexual change

Ulrike De Taeye, psychologist