Maria Middelares General Hospital offers the full range of thoracic surgery, with the exception of lung transplants. Every week, a multidisciplinary meeting is held between the thoracic surgeons and pneumologists where indications for surgery are discussed.

Intrathoracic pathology:

Intrathoracic pathology:
  • Open and keyhole surgery resections (VATS)
    • Lung tumours (benign/malign)
    • Thymus gland tumours
    • Neuromas
  • Pleurodesis for pneumothorax, recurrent pleural effusion
  • Drainage of empyema (inflammation) (VATS)
  • Mediastinoscopy

Chest wall pathology

Chest wall pathology
  • Correction of pectus excavatum (funnel chest)
  • Correction of pectus carinatum (pigeon chest)
  • Plate and screw stabilisation of rib fractures