What is it?

Radiation therapy uses ionising radiation to attack cancer cells. It is a supportive medical specialty in which the radiation therapist is the responsible medical specialist.

During the treatment, cancer cells are so damaged by this ionising radiation that they are no longer able to recover and, as a result, die. The surrounding healthy cells that are also exposed to radiation are also damaged, but they are able to recover better than the cancer cells.

In order to allow the healthy cells to recover as best as they can, the ionising radiation is often administered in fractions, interspersed with day-long recovery periods.

Radiation therapists

The Maria Middelares General Hospital is part of the E17 Hospital Network and collaborates with the Groenige General Hospital to provide radiation therapy.

The following physicians in radiation therapy at Groeninge General Hospital maintain a rotating schedule of consultations at Maria Middelares General Hospital (Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings):

  • Dr. Laurence Goethals
  • Dr. Antoon Lambrecht
  • Dr. Sylvie Derycke
  • Dr. Isabelle Kindts
  • Dr. Nick Liefhooghe

Centres and specialist areas

Integrated Cancer Centre in Ghent

Latest publication date: 05/02/2021