What is it?

A liver transplant is a life-saving procedure in some cases, such as acute liver failure or advanced cirrhosis. There are a few other, rarer indications where liver transplant is a possible treatment option.


Physicians use several criteria to determine whether a patient is eligible for a liver transplant. If these criteria are met, a series of tests must be conducted to check if there are contraindications for a liver transplant, e.g. serious cardiovascular or lung disease, etc.

Guidelines for at home

Lifetime medication is important. Attention to hygiene and diet is necessary too. How do you recognise the signs of transplant rejection? How do you protect yourself from the sun? And can you still get vaccinated? These and other subjects are discussed in the videos below.

Centres and specialist areas

Digestive Centre

Latest publication date: 05/08/2021
Supervising author: Dr Vanderstraeten Erik