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Dental implants

When is it indicated?

When is it indicated?

Dental implants are placed for various reasons:

  • replacing a missing tooth
  • anchoring prosthetic repair (bridge or prosthesis)

If a patient would like a dental implant, we discuss the various treatment options with the referring dentist.

Guidelines for at home

Guidelines for at home


There may swelling for 48 hours, usually more during the last 24 hours. Afterwards, the swelling should not incrase and should gradually improve. If the swelling increases, please contact your physician. Apply ice therapy during the first 48 hours to control the swelling.

For bone reconstruction, the swelling will be more pronounced when an implant is placed in healthy bone.


Pain can be quite variable after the procedure. You will be given pain medication. For most implant treatments, the pain is tolerable and you will not feel the implant after one week. If you do still have pain after one week, it is recommended that you contact your physician.

For bone augmentation techniques, the pain can last for 10 to 14 days.


You may eat afer the anaesthesia has worn off. Soft and bland food is recommended to control swelling and pain. You may not stress the implant during the critical three-week 'grow-in phase'.


The wound is closed with absorbable sutures. The sutures will disappear spontaneously. They may also be removed after ten days.


With bone augmentation techniques, it is recommended to sleep in a half-sitting position to limit the swelling.


For most implant treatments, it is recommended to refrain from sports activities for one week. For bone augmentation techniques, this may last for up to two weeks.

Brushing your teeth

You may brush your teeth afterwards, but avoid the place where the procedure was performed for the first few days. You may clean the healing cap after a week.


Smoking is bad for the implants, for the grow-in phase and for the long term because this limits the blood circulation in the jaw bone and works against bone healing.



Centres and specialist areas

Centres and specialist areas

Latest publication date: 10/01/2024