Symptoms and causes

What is it?

In a macular pucker, folds have formed in the middle of the retina (macula, yellow spot). As a result, images may be blurred and distorted.

Diagnosis and treatment


The physician will look into the eye to assess the macula. For this, the pupil must be made as wide as possible. This is done with the aid of eye drops. An OCT scan can be taken to provide an even better image of a macular pucker. The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) can be used to create an image of the various layers of the macula and any structures on or under the macula. This examination is painless and harmless.


More information about the treatment can be found on the vitrectomy page.

Treatment centres and specialisations

Eye Clinic

Latest publication date: 21/01/2021
Supervising author: Dr Vanwynsberghe David