Tackling the breech, a unique obstetric project of Maria Middelares General Hospital

Maria Middelares General Hospital has been setting up breech consultations since April 2019, with the aim of properly informing parents about a vaginal breech delivery. During this consultation, the conditions will be gone over, among other things, because, with proper selection, vaginal breech deliveries are certainly justified.

‘The terror of a vaginal breech delivery is still engraved in many people's minds. For that reason, parents are often somewhat reserved at first. But when they hear that they meet the requirements, they are usually very motivated,’ says gynaecologist Dr Martine Casteels. Moreover, all gynaecologists and midwives at our hospital attended an intensive training course with Dr Frank Louwen, pioneer of the revival of vaginal breech delivery.

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See the leaflet for information about breech delivery: