Study about the impact of coronavirus on cancer patients

The effect of an infection with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can vary greatly from person to person: from no symptoms at all, to mild cold symptoms, to pneumonia or even to death. Older people and those with existing conditions are generally more seriously affected. But more specifically, what is the impact of a corona infection on people suffering from cancer? In what way(s) could an infection influence their treatment?

This is being researched by the Maria Middelares Cancer Centre together with the UZA Multidisciplinary Oncological Centre (MOCA) in a study referred to as MOCOR.

The first phase, gathering the necessary data, has been completed. MOCOR will now analyse and examine data from 1,300 blood samples supplied by the UZA biobank. For instance, the researchers will be looking for the presence of antibodies that combat the coronavirus.

In the next phase, the study will find out how the coronavirus manifests itself in cancer patients. In how many cases does the infection take its course without any symptoms? How does an infection influence the effectiveness of cancer treatment?

The aim of the study is to identify cancer patients who are at greater risk of having serious corona symptoms. This will allow treatment programmes and measures to be adjusted accordingly.

The study is being co-funded by ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’.