Photo exhibition: life in geriatrics

Laura De Meyer and Aurelie Van Lancker are nurses at the Geriatrics Department of Maria Middelares General Hospital and are involved in the ups and downs of our oldest admitted patients on a daily basis. They were able to turn their professional view into catchy images from their passion for photography. Support, emotion and hope took shape in black and white, with a tuft of grey here and there. The beautiful results can be admired in the entrance hall of our hospital. Highly recommended!}

The photo exhibition is part of the Senior Week, which this year took place from 16 to 20 November. On this occasion, Maria Middelares General Hospital traditionally plans different events. Due to the exceptional circumstances, a COVID-safe initiative was chosen that put a face to the theme making a connection to the work in the Geriatrics Department. The exhibits ends on 7 December. After the event, the pictures will be hung in the Geriatrics Department.