Maria Middelares General Hospital appears twice in Newsweek rankings

For the fifth time, the prestigious US news magazine Newsweek has published a top ranking of the best hospitals in 28 countries. Last year we moved up from 14th to 10th place. This year, we are doing even better, moving up from 10th all the way to 7th in the list of best Belgian hospitals.

For the second time, the magazine also launched a list of hospitals that best use cutting-edge technology (World's Best Smart Hospitals). This list includes 300 hospitals worldwide that are leading the way in the use of things such as AI, digital imaging and robotics. In this category, our hospital appears in 250th place.

These rankings are produced using four data sources:

  1. recommendations from medical experts (physicians, hospital managers and health professionals)
  2. results of patient questionnaires
  3. medical performance indicators (KPIs)
  4. Implementation of PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures)

Although we must view these results with some reservations, we are definitely pleased with the fine result. Looking for more insight into the care that Flemish hospitals provide? If so, you can visit (website of the Flemish Institute for Quality of Care - VIKZ) for more information.

See the list of best Belgian hospitals here and the list of World's Best Smart Hospitals here.