E17 Hospital Network launches a video clip to introduce World Stroke Day (29/10)

29 October is World Stroke Day. In Belgium, each day approximately sixty people suffer a stroke (brain haemorrhage or cerebral infarction). Anyone can suffer a stroke, including young people. It is vital to recognise the symptoms quickly and to immediately call 112. The quicker you treat the stroke, the less brain tissue you lose. For this reason, the seven hospitals in the E17 Hospital Network are jointly launching, together with the Flemish government, an extensive awareness-raising campaign. ‘Recognising symptoms quickly saves lives and increases the chance of making a full recovery.'

Saving lives with music and dance

As part of the awareness-raising campaign, the E17 Hospital Network is launching ‘Quickly’, a catchy song about strokes sung by physicians and employees from participating hospitals. A video clip accompanies the song and provides a visual for which care trajectory a patient with a stroke follows.

Prof. Dr. Peter Vanacker - neurologist and member of the stroke work group E17 Hospital Network: 'In our campaign, the emphasis is on recognising symptoms quickly. When dealing with a stroke, every second is crucial. The more quickly you offer help, the greater the chance of recovery. We use the FAST test to recognise symptoms: Face, Arm, Speech and Time. The most important symptoms of a stroke are a crooked mouth, an arm that does not move as well and disturbed speech. 'Time' stands for the precise start time of the symptoms.'

Dr. Liesbeth De Groote - neurologist and member of the stroke work group stroke E17 Hospital Network: 'In the E17 Hospital Network, the neurologists join forces in the stroke work group, where we decide on a uniform approach. Our hope is that we can raise people’s awareness as much as possible with this song. Call the help services as soon as you notice symptoms, so you can save a life!'

Song: K. D'Hondt, G. Loret, V. Keereman, J. Mooren, A. Van Den Broecke
Production: Ronald Vanhuffel

Music and lyrics: Patrick Vanderdonck