Diary about Katako-Kombe for sale in our hospital

Rik Neirynck worked for 35 years as an occupational therapist in the former St Joseph’s Clinic in Ghent-Bruges (now: Maria Middelares Medical Centre) and travelled to Katako-Kombe eight times. In his diary titled 'Ils vont là où même les moustiques sont sauvages' or ‘To where the mosquitos are still wild’, he tells about his experiences as technical volunteer in the healthcare field. Rik provides information that is rarely included in descriptions of healthcare in developing nations. The following themes will be discussed among other things:

  • How do the locals live?
  • How to cope with emotions?
  • How is traveling?
  • What is the process of the work activities?
  • What is the role of the climate?

The book is written in Dutch, it is only the title that is in French. See here
for more detailed information.

The price is €50.00. The book is also for sale in the shop in the atrium. A sample print can be leafed through, but, of course, the photos are of much better quality in the real book.

All the proceeds will go back to Katako-Kombe, where an additional consultation room and a post-operative hospital ward are currently under construction. This is the ideal moment to support the development of basic healthcare in Katako-Kombe, considering that the annual barbecue could not take place because of COVID-19!