TV series B+ on AVS and RTV

The series B+ (Be Positive) will be shown on the regional channels AVS (large region around Ghent) and RTV (region around Mechelen and Antwerp Kempen) as of 12 September.

You will get a unique look behind the scenes of Maria Middelares General Hospital (alternating with Geel Hospital) for 12 weeks. The ups and downs of various patients are followed and analysed through the expertise of physicians, nurses and staff. Beautiful and captivating television, highly recommended!

Watch the episodes that have already been broadcast below.


Episode 1

Keith and his wife go to Ghent to visit the Van Eyck exhibition. Their city trip does not go as planned when he ends up in our A&E with a heart problem.

Marilou has suffered from asthma and various allergies all her young life and visits our allergy centre for a consultation.

Episode 2

After a night in our hospital, English tourist Keith underwent an ultrasound scan and stress test with the cardiologist to confirm the suspicion of a heart attack.

At the Maternity Unit, a brand new family is eager to take home and welcome the new member Emmanuel into their family.

Episode 3

Willy has not been seeing well with his right eye for a while and comes to our eye hospital for a lens measurement in preparation for cataract surgery.

In our Paediatric Allergy Centre in Ghent-Bruges, Elodie comes for a nut provocation test after she a previous allergic reaction after eating nuts and hazelnuts.

Episode 4

In the Paediatric Allergy Centre, Elodie is given an increasing portion of nuts every 15 minutes that may or may not trigger an allergic reaction.

In our Eye Centre, Willy is being prepared for a cataract surgery at his right eye.

Episode 5

We follow Oncology Coach Ilse in our Oncology Day Hospital. She is checking on Pascale, who has been unwell the last few days and may not be able to receive immunotherapy. She needs it to make her body stronger against lung cancer.

Episode 6

Denise is brought to our A&E. Her husband found her on the kitchen floor without knowing exactly what happened.

Dr. Henk Vanoverschelde - head of the anaesthesia department - explains the virtual tour that patients and visitors can take through our website.

A while ago, Floris suffered a serious anaphylactic shock at school as a reaction to peanuts and is being visited for this. Through workshops, our Paediatric Allergy Centre teaches schools, parents and grandparents to recognise the symptoms of anaphylaxis so that they can intervene in time.

Episode 7

On the Maternity Unit, little Clémence is barely a day old. Time for mum Kimmy to find out what is the best way to give her daughter a bath.

Christine has been fighting lung cancer since 2015 and is receiving her umpteenth immunotherapy at the Oncology Day Hospital. She is on track to keep her situation stable.

Episode 8

In the Oncology Day Hospital, Christine is visited by Ilse, her Oncology coach, during her immunotherapy. Afterwards, it's time to enjoy a rebalancing massage when oncological foot care specialist Kristel drops in.

Episode 9

Victor goes in for a consultation at the Paediatric Allergy Centre after suffering an anaphylactic reaction from eating peas and lentils. He is undergoing testing to see if he will have the same reaction with similar foods such as nuts.

Episode 10

Patients at the Oncology Day Hospital often want to get fit again after a long battle with cancer. Back on Track was set up a few years ago by decathlete Thomas Van der Plaetsen to help with this, after he suddenly had to fight testicular cancer himself in 2014.

Marit has had a high fever for several days. Her mum and dad started getting concerned and decided to go to the hospital through the A&E.

Episode 11

Some time ago, Noël had a heart attack almost unnoticed. Today, he needs to get a stent to restore the narrowing of his only healthy blood vessel, so his heart gets enough blood again.