The Maria Middelares General Hospital Digestive Centre works with centres abroad to enhance patient experience and advance specialisation

Thanks to this collaboration, we achieve two important goals. On one hand, every Dutch patient can count on a wide offering of sub-specialisation care at the trusted ZorgSaam Hospital. On the other hand, we ensure that the experience in innovative diagnostics and treatment of complex issues at Maria Middelares General Hospital remains excellent.

Gastroenterologist Prof Pieter Dewint

The gastroenterologists with Maria Middelares General Hospital and ZorgSaam Hospital in Terneuzen (Zeeland-Flanders) will join in an intensive collaboration across borders. Zeeland patients can now rely on the expertise of four gastroenterologists from Maria Middelares General Hospital for their treatment on site. If necessary, they can go to the Maria Middelares General Hospital for a timely thorough examination and complex treatments.

The Digestive Centre at the Maria Middelares General Hospital has a dynamic team of 12 gastroenterologists. Together, the experts ensure the diagnosis and treatment of the wide range of gastroenterological problems in a quality and patient-centred manner.

The cooperation with other hospitals, the many investments in new technology and the further expansion of the service contribute to the fact that more and more patients are referred to Maria Middelares General Hospital for complex procedures. The collaboration with the Dutch ZorgSaam Hospital has also been officialised recently.

In the clinic

Dr Sigrid Vandebosch has been a fixture at ZorgSaam Hospital since 2011 for the treatment of MDL patients (gastrointestinal liver diseases), along with the expert assistance provided by two nurse specialists. ‘The number of patients has increased to the extent that an expansion of our service was imminent. Thanks to the collaboration with the Maria Middelares General Hospital, it is not only in number, but also in the diversity of the offerings!’

Four gastrointestinal specialists from the Maria Middelares General Hospital each hold consultations at ZorgSaam Hospital one day a week for their own area of expertise in specific disorders or treatments. These areas of expertise include hepatology (diseases of the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts), pervasive endoscopy and inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and ulcerative colitis).

Gastroenterologists (MDL doctor in the Netherlands): Dr Jannelien Meesters, Dr Nele Deprez, Dr Stefan Van Langendonck, Dr Sigrid Vandebosch, Dr Pieter Dewint, Dr Thomas De Somer.