Sports Medicine Centre: not only for (elite)-athletes

Many people start each new year with the best intentions. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more and do more sports. Unfortunately, only 12% of people actually keep to their resolutions. As physicians, we know that sports and exercise have a very positive impact on health. It doesn’t only prevent health issues, but it also prevents further progression of a number of chronic conditions.

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However, there is no obvious answer to the question of how to coach, support and motivate patients in their daily lives. Each individual requires a different approach and often problems such as injuries or fatigue occur. Expertise in a variety of fields is required to provide people with proper support in this.

Fitness for everybody

The Sports Medicine Centre at Maria Middelares General Hospital is for anybody who wants to enjoy sports and live a healthy life. A multidisciplinary approach and close collaboration with different specialist areas in the hospital ensure that everybody can look forward to a personalised and comprehensive coaching programme.

Start exercising

Beginner athletes can turn to our experts to learn about how to move, how they can lose weight through sports and how they can take on a sports challenge (e.g. run a marathon, climb Mount Ventoux).

(Elite) athletes

Athletes want to be tested in the best way and with the best equipment, as their targets are always increasing in size and ambition. In addition, an increasing number of sports require their athletes to undergo a pre-participation fitness evaluation (e.g. motocross, cycling, diving, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics).

Dedicated location

If circumstances allow, patients can visit the centre at the Maria Middelares Medical Centre in Ghent-Bruges from September 2020.