Saint Nicholas also thinks of the youngest patients at the Maria Middelare Paediatrics Department

This weekend it will be Saint Nicholas. At the Maria Middelares General Hospital Paediatrics Ward the staff do everything they can to create some pleasant distraction for the sick patients during these special times. The department itself was also recognised and received two small baby racers - a blue one and a pink one.

The Paediatrics Department is all ready for it. ‘Due to the coronavirus crisis, St Nicholas and his helpers, unfortunately, cannot visit the department this year, but we are happy to pamper our patients ourselves. They will each receive a present from our game entertainer and they will also be able listen to a funny video message from St Nicholas. Chef Pete will teach them how to make cupcakes with the baking kit they receive, once they are back home’, says Cressy Vande Walle (paediatrics head nurse a.i.). ‘It distracts them for a moment from the fact that they are not feeling well.’

A number of generous donors are helping to make the patients' experience during this St Nicolas and end-of-year period more enjoyable. Thanks to BMW Peter Daeninck, two small pedal cars are now available for the youngest.

The baby racers were an instant hit with the littlest patients
The baby racers were an instant hit with the littlest patients

‘With the arrival of St Nicholas and the holidays, we hope to put a smile on the faces of the children staying in the Paediatrics Department with the pedal cars’, says BMW Peter Daeninck, who made the donation together with BMW Group Belux.

Children of employees

Normally, we organise a big party for the children of employees every year (up until 11 years of age). Unfortunately, this party cannot be held this year. Each employee was able to pick one beautiful present for his or her child(ren). They will also start baking with the Chef Pete

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Message from St Nicholas

Making cupcakes with Chef Pete