• Hip pathology
  • Knee pathology
  • Sports injuries

Special fields

  • Knee pathology, especially with prosthetic surgery and arthroscopy and cruciate ligament surgery.

Additional expertise

  • Knee replacement surgery

Additional responsibilities

Education centre

For several years, I have instructed colleagues in orthopaedic surgery – knee specialists from all over the world (China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, England, France, Italy, etcetera) – in our hospital in the placement of knee prosthetics of the ‘medial pivot’ type.

Research activities

  • Development of a new type of knee prosthesis (for the revision of failed knee prostheses)
  • Development of a new system for the correct placement of a knee prosthesis using the ‘balancing principle’


  • BVOT (Belgian Society for Orthopaedics and Trauma Medicine)
  • BKS (Belgian Knee Society)


Not covered by agreement with the health insurance fund

In principle, the physician can always charge a supplementary fee for consultations or examinations in the outpatients clinic.


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