​Patient celebrates 100th birthday, ten years after catheter treatment of damaged aortic valve

Aortic valve stenosis, one of the most common valve diseases, is a narrowing of the aortic valve (valve at the heart’s exit). This means that the heart needs to pump harder to send blood around the body. In the long term, this may result in untreatable heart failure.

In 2010, the Heart Clinic at our hospital started conducting valve replacements through the groin. The then 90 year-old Clément was one of the first patients who were treated with this technique in our hospital. Clément is still in good health and has now turned 100. He hopes to be able to celebrate his birthday soon, together with the people who looked after him ten years ago.

From left to right: Dr Johan De Sutter, Dr Philippe Ballaux, Christa De Clercq, Kurt Beurms and Dr Kristoff Cornelis. Centre: the patient Clément.