The Maria Middelares General Hospital starts to implant the world's smallest pacemaker

Our hospital is committed to providing patients with access to innovative cardiac treatment techniques. Since 2022, this has included the implantation of a wireless pacemaker - currently the smallest pacemaker in the world.

Dr Frank Provenier, Cardiologist: 'After training under the supervision of Prof. Garweg, MD, of the University Hospital of Leuven, the Maria Middelares General Hospital may now also implant the world's smallest pacemaker. This device stimulates the heart from the right ventricle, so neither wires nor a subcutaneous (subcutaneous) battery are necessary. This system is, therefore, less susceptible to external damage. The modified implantation technique also bypasses the difficulties of vascular access, compared to the standard procedure.'

'Thank you, too, to Dr Tim Boussy and Dr Bart Fran├žois for bringing this procedure to the therapeutic application, both within and outside the E17 hospital network.'

Left: Dr Frank Provenier with the new wireless pacemaker; Right: Dr Bart Fran├žois with a previous model.