Maria Middelares General Hospital receives the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship for second year running

We firmly believe that only a financially sound and sustainable organisation can achieve its goals on quality. That is why we drew up another annual action plan based on the United Nations' seventeen sustainable development goals. Our actions were evaluated by an independent team of experts who again gave us an excellent result!

The following is a selection of what we did:

  • We motivate visitors, patients and staff to come to our hospital using sustainable means of transport.
  • We renewed our agreements concerning hospital waste sorting.
  • We sowed wildflowers in the square between the hospital and the castle.
  • We reuse batteries that are not entirely dead.
  • And even more!

We are proud of our achievements, and we are working on our sustainability objectives. Do you have a suggestion for our annual action plan? Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at!