Maria Middelares General Hospital is a Voka Sustainable Enterprise Laureate

Our hospital is fully committed to sustainability and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to establishing sustainable operations. Last year, for example, we drafted an annual action plan based on the five pillars of sustainability and the seventeen sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations. Our actions are evaluated by an independent team of experts, who gave us an outstanding rating!

What have we accomplished?

  • We use rainwater for our toilets.
  • We implemented a plan to improve our waste sorting (e.g. PMD).
  • We have replaced disposable protective aprons with reusable ones (à la the circular economy).
  • We provide psychosocial support to staff and physicians.
  • And even more!

We are proud of our achievements, and we are working on our sustainability objectives.

Do you have a suggestion for our annual action plan? Do not hesitate to share your suggestion with us by writing to

A few proud members of our Green Team with the Voka laureate.