Vascular diseases can be treated with medication, minimally invasive endovascular surgery (treatment with a balloon or stent), access surgery or with classical open surgery (bypass, artificial vessel). At the Maria Middelares General Hospital, more than 75% of the vascular procedures are performed as minimally invasive procedures. Examples include stents in the leg, pelvis and carotid arteries, as well as endoprostheses for aneurysms in the abdominal or thoracic artery.

Conditions and diseases

Conditions and diseases

Maria Middelares General Hospital has a Vascular Laboratory where the following tests are performed:

  • Arterial and venous duplex tests (upper and lower limbs).
  • Duplex testing of the neck vessels.
  • Duplex testing of surgical reconstructions.
  • Treadmill test with ECG monitoring.

These tests are particularly recommended for patients who have diabetes, high cholesterol or who smoke or have a family history of cardiac or vascular disease.

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