Practical information



Before coming to the Pneumology Department, register at the e-kiosk with your identity card.

Check carefully where your appointment will be held.

  • Ghent - Maria Middelares General Hospital
  • Ghent-Bruges - Maria Middelares Medical Centre in Ghent-Bruges
  • St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze

What you need to bring

  • identity card
  • GP referral letter (if applicable)
  • previous radiology images of your lungs (regular imaging or CT scans).
  • inhalers you have at home or CPAP device (please bring to each appointment)
  • medication sheet: make a list of all medication you currently take, including the drug name and the daily dose. You may use the form below for this. Feel free to take a photo of the packaging with your phone.


You will receive an invoice from the hospital for any consultations. This usually takes one to two months after your appointment.

The Pulmonary Diseases Department has an agreement with the health insurance fund. Consequently, you will only pay the fee for consultations.

The invoice for the technical tests will be sent to the insurance fund for their share. Over time, you will receive an invoice for your personal share (co-payment).

Hospital admission

Hospital admission

If, after the consultation and any further investigations, it appears that a hospital admission is necessary, the secretarial staff will draw up a suitable schedule with you.
Our physicians collaborate closely. During your admission, one or more of the pulmonologists will visit you daily. That will not necessarily be the physician following you at the consultation.

You and your family can speak with the physicians during visiting hours. It is best to book an appointment for this in advance. For this, speak to the nurses on the department.

Upon discharge, you will always be given a list of your prescribed medications, together with a few days’ worth of supplies. Additional prescriptions can be obtained on request.

Before going home, always wait for the letter for your GP that you will be given.