Please check in before your arrival at the Neurology Department.

  • Maria Middelares General Hospital: use your identity card to check in at the e-kiosk
  • Maria Middelares Medical Centre of Ghent-Bruges: use your identity card to check in at the e-kiosk
  • St Vincent General Hospital in Deinze: use your identity card to check in at the e-kiosk

What you need to bring:

  • identity card
  • GP referral letter (if applicable)
  • medication sheet: list all the medication you currently take, including the drug name and the daily dose. You may use the form below for this. Feel free to take a photo of the packaging with your phone.


You will receive an invoice from the hospital for any consultations. This will usually take one to two months after your appointment. Read more about this invoice here.


If, after the consultation and any further examinations, it appears that a hospital admission is necessary, a suitable schedule will be drawn up together with the secretarial assistant.

During your hospital stay you will be closely followed up by the ‘week doctor’, that is the neurologist on call who does the daily ward rounds. This physician is responsible for the follow-up of your medical records and for the prescription of your treatment. If necessary, this is always done in consultation with your attending physician.

The week physician can also be contacted for a conversation with a patient’s family, as long as an appointment has been made with a ward nurse or the secretariat of the Neurology Department.