Restaurant, shop, home pharmacy and orthoshop

Restaurant, shop, home pharmacy and orthoshop


Fresh and varied menu in our restaurant

The restaurant is open for visitors. Only take off your face mask if you are seated at a table and eating or drinking.

The restaurant can be found in the entrance hall (atrium) on the ground floor It offers a variety of fresh dishes.

The menu is displayed at the restaurant entrance. TV screens show the daily specials and the suggestion of the week.

Prices as of 2 January 2023:

  • Lunch menu: €14.95
  • Suggested menu: €10.95
  • Holiday menu: €19.95

Opening hours

WeekdaysWeekends and Bank Holidays
7am - 7pmFrom 9am to 7pm
The shop in the atrium of Maria Middelares General Hospital

The shop in the atrium offers items such as newspapers, magazines, sweets, non-alcoholic drinks, fruit, flowers, cards and gifts.

Monday to Friday
from 9.30am to 4.30pm
Weekends and Bank Holidays

Apotheek online

Naast service en advies kan je ook gebruik maken van hun onlinediensten. Wil je producten reserveren of een voorschrift doorsturen? Dan kan via de eigen website van de apotheek. Je ontvangt een e-mail of sms als je medicatie klaarligt. Je vindt hier ook gezondheidsinformatie, nieuwtjes en acties terug.

Online pharmacy

In addition to services and advice, online services are available too. Do you want to reserve a product or forward a prescription? You can do so through the pharmacy’s own website. You will receive an e-mail or text message when your medication is ready to collect. You can also find health information, news and promotions.